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2014 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index

2014 US Clean Tech Leadership Index

Comprehensive Tracking for State and Metro Area Clean Tech Activity

The U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index provides an unparalleled analysis of the clean-tech marketplace. No other publication and dataset offers such deep tracking and understanding of the most relevant technology, policy, and capital developments in the U.S. clean-tech industry.   

Download  the 49 page 2014 summary report covering complete results of both the State Index and the Metro Index. This years’s report includes the overall and category results for all 50 States and the top 50 Metro regions and features comprehensive highlights and datasets on industry activity across the country.

State Index

Data in the State Index covers more than 70 indicators in three main categories: Technology, Policy, and Capital. Data is included for all 50 states on clean-energy generation, energy storage installations, green building deployment, energy efficiency expenditures, VC investments, clean-energy patents, and much more.  With five years of history running the State Clean Tech Index, Clean Edge can provide clients with rich trending analysis by sector and my market. PDF data file 212 pages and complete raw dataset available in Excel.

Download 49 Page Report
Learn More - Access Complete State Datasets

Metro Index

The Metro Index tracks clean-tech activities of the 50 largest U.S. metro regions through more than 20 indicators within the categories: Green Buildings, Advanced Transportation, Clean Electricity & Carbon Management, and Clean Tech Investment & Innovation. Having conducted the Metro Index now for three years, Clean Edge is able to share comparative analysis with clients.  PDF data file 131 pages and complete raw dataset available in Excel.

Download 49 Page Report
Learn More - Access Complete Metro Datasets

Subscribe to Receive Complete Datasets

Subscribe to Receive Complete Datasets

Key industry stakeholders use the complete Clean Tech Leadership Index dataset and advisory support services for:

  • comparative benchmarking of clean-tech activities based on rankings of all 50 states and the top 50 metro regions
  • in-depth analysis of technology, policy, and financing trends in markets across the U.S.
  • complete data showing which clean-tech sectors are expanding and what markets are ripe for development
  • actionable insight on each U.S. region's relative strengths and weaknesses.

Leadership Index Partners Options for Clean Edge’s Leadership Index 
The U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index would not be possible without the support of our partners. In addition to full data access and customized advisory support, our partners gain wide industry branding and recognition. Contact Clean Edge  to learn more about partnership options and how you can help continue to make this valuable resource available.
Subscription and Partnership Options

Clean Edge creates the Leadership Indexes from data spanning more than 20 sources, and also leverages data from these partners: Cleantech Group (VC investments), IREC (solar capacity), HRFM (patents), IHS Automotive (EV/HEV/NGV registrations), and Fuel Cells 2000 (fuel cell installations). 

Custom Research and Advisory Services
Clean Edge is also available to conduct custom research to look more deeply into specific sectors, regions, companies, and trends. By leveraging the state and metro data and insights from the Leadership Index, we are able to provide custom research projects for individual clients and regional partnerships much more quickly and cost effectively. 

Ron Pernick
Managing Director

Bryce Yonker
Director, Business Development