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U.S. and Global Clean Energy, Water, and Grid Infrastructure Stock Indexes

Clean Edge is a clean-tech stock indexing pioneer, having launched the Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy index in 2006. The firm continues to innovate, now offering indexes across diverse sectors including clean energy, transportation, storage, electric grid, and water. As the world transitions away from fossil fuels and towards a low-carbon future, the company's indexes offer sector-focused benchmarks.

Clean Edge currently publishes four stock indexes with Nasdaq: CELS tracks U.S.-traded clean-energy companies; GWE covers companies engaged and involved in the global wind industry;  HHO tracks U.S.-listed companies in the potable water and wastewater market; and QGRD covers global smart grid and grid infrastructure firms. Exchange traded funds based on the indexes are offered by First Trust, under the ticker symbols QCLN, FAN, FIW, and GRID respectively. 

In 2018, Clean Edge teamed up with FFI and Alpha Vee Solutions to create the Energy Transition Long-Short Strategy, a rules-based alternative index strategy designed to benchmark and capture the potential upside of a transition to a low-carbon economy (long clean energy and short reserve-owning fossil fuel companies).

12-Month Performance (through March 31, 2020)

Graphs of indexes performance

Q1 2020 Performance

Graphs of indexes performance


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