Clean Edge, Inc., founded in 2000, serves corporate, utility, and financial clients working to transition to a clean-energy economy. The firm is a clean-tech stock indexing pioneer (with multiple stock indexes tracking clean energy, transportation, water, and the grid) and co-produces the annual gridCONNEXT conference (convening stakeholders building a modern 21st century grid). Founder Ron Pernick, who literally wrote the book on clean-tech business & innovation (The Clean Tech Revolution, HarperCollins, 2007), works on additional select projects to forward large-scale clean-tech adoption.


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Welcome to our quarterly overview of stock index performance and key developments impacting the state of clean tech.


Clean Edge’s four major stock indexes continued to outperform benchmark indexes during 2019, beating both the S&P 500 and IXE (energy select sector index) year to date (YTD). On a total return basis, CELS (U.S. clean energy) was up 20.51%, QGRD (global smart grid infrastructure) was up 25.64%, GWE (global wind) was up 18.78%, and HHO (U.S. water) increased 25.40%, compared to the S&P 500’s 18.54% increase and IXE’s 13.13% increase. Over the past 12 months (total return basis through the end of June), the Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index (CELS) beat out oil and gas...

Stock Indexes

Clean Edge stock indexes cover clean energy and sustainable infrastructure. At the end of June 2019, First Trust ETFs tracking Nasdaq-Clean Edge indexes equaled nearly $600 million in AUM.

  • CELS: U.S.-listed clean-energy companies
  • GWE: Global wind industry firms
  • HHO: U.S.-listed potable water and wastewater market companies
  • QGRD: Global smart grid and grid infrastructure firms 

2019 YTD (through end of June)

Clean Edge Stock Indexes