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Clean Edge, Inc. is a developer and publisher of thematic stock indexes tracking clean energy, transportation, water, and the grid. The firm’s first index, the Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy Index (CELS), was launched with Nasdaq in 2006. Financial products tracking the firm’s indexes and universes exceed $1 billion in assets under management (as of August 2020). Founder Ron Pernick is also the co-producer of gridCONNEXT (an annual conference focused on grid innovation and modernization) and co-author of two books, including The Clean Tech Revolution (HarperCollins, 2007), the first book to chronicle the growth and investment opportunity of the clean-tech market.


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by Ron Pernick

As COVID-19 continued to have a major impact on the global economy, dramatically lower renewable energy prices, oil industry headwinds, and a focus on green stimulus/rebuilding efforts all served to lift thematic indexes tracking the clean-tech sectors. 

During Q3, Nasdaq-Clean Edge indexes, on a total return basis, were all up, with CELS (U.S. clean energy) increasing 49.59%, GWE (global wind) increasing 22.69%, QGRD (global smart grid & grid infrastructure) up 15.54%, and HHO (U.S. water) up 8.78%. During the same time frame, the S&P 500 index increased 8.93% and the IXE (Energy Select) was down 19.58%.

Stock Indexes

Nasdaq-Clean Edge stock indexes cover U.S. and global clean energy, water, and grid infrastructure markets. As of October 9, 2020, First Trust ETFs tracking the indexes equaled more than $1.5 billion in AUM. 

  • CELS: U.S. clean energy 
  • GWE: Global wind  
  • HHO: U.S. potable water and wastewater 
  • QGRD: Global smart grid and grid infrastructure 

Q3 2020 Index Performance

Clean Edge Stock Indexes