Clean Edge, Inc., founded in 2000, serves corporate, utility, and financial clients working to transition to a clean-energy economy. The firm is a clean-tech stock index pioneer (having published its first index with Nasdaq in 2006) and co-produces the annual gridCONNEXT conference, convening hundreds of stakeholders working to build a modern 21st century grid. Founder Ron Pernick, who literally wrote the book on clean-tech business & innovation (The Clean Tech Revolution, HarperCollins), is available for select consulting and speaking engagements.


Jon Wellinghoff with Ron Pernick's picture

A series of insights from leading smart-grid, clean-energy, and utility experts speaking at gridCONNEXT.

Ron Pernick: As the head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), perhaps more than any prior or subsequent chair, you led with an eye on the transition to a renewable energy (RE) and distributed generation (DG) future. What was the impetus for this drive?

Jon Wellinghoff: In a word: Efficiency. In the broadest sense, if we are to truly see the promise of competitive energy markets...

Stock Indexes

Clean Edge indexes cover diverse sectors including renewables, storage, grid, and water:

  • CELS: U.S.-listed clean-energy companies
  • GWE: Global wind industry firms
  • HHO: U.S.-listed potable water and wastewater market companies
  • QGRD: Global smart grid and grid infrastructure firms 
  • Energy Transition Long-Short: Long clean energy and short fossil fuel reserve owners

Clean Edge Stock Indexes 

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