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Enabling the Energy Transition 2023

Clean Energy & Smart Grid Infrastructure

The energy transition represents a massive shift in how we produce and consume power — moving from fossil fuels to sources that produce little or no carbon. A range of products and services are enabling this transition, including renewable energy, energy storage & conversion, smart grid & grid infrastructure, energy intelligence, and enabling materials. Declining costs are supporting this shift, and we estimate that humanity is about halfway through the global energy transition.

Published by NASDAQ in collaboration with Clean Edge, Enabling the Energy Transition takes a look at corporate, investor, and government net-zero and clean-energy initiatives that are driving a new era in the energy transition.

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Water Infrastructure and Resiliency 2023

Clean Energy & Smart Grid Infrastructure

Clean water is a scarce and vital resource. While water covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, most of it resides in the ocean as salt water. A mere 3.5% is believed to be freshwater – and less than 1% of water globally is in traditional freshwater sources like lakes, rivers, and groundwater. Decades of population growth, climate change, and industrial pollution continue to drive global demand for our most vital resource. Emerging technologies allow us to produce more value from water than ever before, but more needs to be done to continue to meet this growing demand.

Published by NASDAQ in collaboration with Clean Edge, Water Infrastructure & Resiliency focuses on the resiliency of the water sector, industry growth drivers, emerging trends, and investment opportunities.

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