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U.S. Homeowners on Clean Energy: A National Survey

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National Poll Results and Clean Energy Growth Trends

SolarCity and Clean Edge commissioned a survey of U.S. homeowners by polling firm Zogby Analytics to understand clean-energy markets and consumers. While a number of previous surveys have looked at overall green consumer trends, this is the among the first on U.S. homeowners and their choices and attitudes towards a wide range of clean-energy technologies. 

1,418 randomly selected homeowners across the U.S answered questions about renewables, energy efficiency, clean transportation, energy storage, and other related topics. The purpose of the survey was to learn what homeowners know and think about clean-energy products and services, electric utilities, third-party energy service providers, and consumer choice. Download the report now.

We learned that: 

  • Homeowners want energy options
  • Support for renewables is strong and widespread
  • Homeowners weigh environmental impacts, but economics rule
  • Clean-energy purchases are becoming mainstream, but perceived price barriers persist

In addition to the national poll results, the report highlights growth rates of key clean energy products and services. Across the nation, U.S. homeowners are shifting to clean-energy products and services, ranging from solar PV systems and LED light bulbs to electric vehicles (EVs) and green home construction.

10 Year Compound Annual Growth Rate

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Please send any questions, comments, or requests more information about the study to: Bryce Yonker, Clean Edge Director of Business Development