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Clean Energy Trends 2014

Clean Energy Trends 2014
Now in its 13th annual edition the Clean Energy Trends report has become a must-read in the clean-tech industry. The report includes tracking, forecasting and market sizing of the global solar, wind, and biofuels markets, analysis on solar PV pricing, public market performance, venture capital investments, and energy capacity additions, as well as five key trends to watch. Added this year the report also features global figures for LEED buildings and EV/hybrid vehicles. Download our flagship publication to see our latest data and insights on global clean energy.  

This year the five trends to watch include: 

  • Enlightened Utilities Begin To Embrace Distributed Energy Assets
  • Cities Lead Climate Charge by Focusing on Regional Carbon Reduction
  • Net Zero Energy Buildings Gain Ground
  •  Internet-Enabled Clean-Tech Startups Define a New Sector
  • Vertical Farming Sprouts in Cities Around the World

Clean Energy Trends 2014 Graph

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