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4th Grid Modernization Index (GMI-4)

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GMI-4 Cover and download button The 4th Grid Modernization Index (GMI-4) benchmarks states on a wide range of grid modernization policies, investments, and activities, and provides insights into some of the relationships and connections between state policies and regulations, customer engagement, and utility investments in modernizing the grid. This latest Index edition shows once again that more states than ever are working to address grid modernization related issues. 

Published by the GridWise Alliance in collaboration with Clean Edge, GMI-4 ranks and assesses all 50 states and Washington DC, based upon the degree to which they are moving toward a modernized electric grid. 

The report also includes a forward by Gridwise Alliance CEO Steve Hauser.

Download the full Grid Modernization Index report (37 pages).

Overall Results

For the second consecutive edition, California ranks highest overall, and places first in each of the three GMI categories (state support, customer engagement, and grid operations). California has a nine-point lead over second-place Illinois, while Texas ranks third. Maryland and Oregon rank fourth and fifth respectively. Rounding out the top ten are Arizona, Washington, DC, New York, Nevada, and Delaware.  

Overall results map from GMI-4 report

How the GMI is Calculated

Graph showing the three types of data categories: State Support, Customer Engagement, and Grid Operations As with each of the previous GMIs, we group the data into three general categories:

  • STATE SUPPORT , which includes plans and policies that support grid modernization;
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT , which ranks states on their rate structures, customer outreach, and data collection practices;
  • GRID OPERATIONS , which benchmarks the deployment of grid modernization technologies such as smart meters, sensors, controls and analytics.

Data Collection Process Improvements

Data collection for GMI-4 took place from late 2016 through August 2017. For the first time, the GridWise Alliance utilized an online data collection portal as the primary means of data collection. State regulators, utility representatives, and other industry stakeholders accessed the portal to answer questions and remit data. After they submitted their answers, GridWise project team members followed up with respondents by phone and/or e-mail to clarify details, fill in gaps, and supplement data as needed.

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