Corporate Clean Energy Leaders Universe

Corporate Clean Energy Leaders Universe:

Clean Edge’s Corporate Clean Energy Leaders Universe recognizes corporations that are leading the way in establishing renewable electricity and low-carbon commitments, deploying renewable energy, and investing in clean-tech deployment. As more companies transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, the Corporate Clean Energy Leaders Universe provides a key barometer of innovation, best practices, and leadership.

Universe Components (Last updated July 2016):

During its latest evaluation, 37 companies made the Corporate Clean Energy Leaders list. They are, in alphabetical order:

Ticker Name
ADBE Adobe
AAPL Apple
ADSK Autodesk
BIIB Biogen
CSCO Cisco
EQIX Equinix
FB Facebook
FDX FedEx Corporation
GM General Motors
GOOGL Alphabet/Google
GS Goldman Sachs
MLHR Herman Miller
INTC Intel
TILE Interface
Ticker Name
JNJ Johnson & Johnson
KSS Kohl's
MSFT Microsoft
NKE Nike
PG Procter & Gamble
RAX Rackspace
CRM Salesforce
SPLS Staples
SBUX Starbucks
SCS Steelcase
TGT Target
VZ Verizon
VFC VF Corporation
VOYA VOYA Financial
WMT Walmart
WFC Wells Fargo
WFM Whole Foods
WDAY Workday

Take a Closer Look: Read New Corporate Briefing

Get an exclusive look at the data behind our list with our new corporate clean-energy briefing, developed by Clean Edge in collaboration with SolarCity. The 2-pg document includes insights on the 37 companies in our Corporate Clean Energy Leaders list, as well as data on how corporates are making the shift to renewables.

Download the briefing now.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    Clean Edge tracks six different indicators to create the rankings. Specific criteria used in developing the Corporate Clean Energy Leaders universe include:

    • Companies that get 25% or more of their current electricity from renewables (U.S. market and/or global)
    • Investment organizations that have mobilized at least $25 billion in clean-energy/clean-tech deployment
    • Companies that have a stated goal of getting 100% of their total electricity from renewables (for U.S. and/or global operations)
    • Companies in the Top 25 of solar PV use in the United States
    • Participation in at least one of the following organizations working to move towards a low-carbon, clean-energy economy: RMI's BRC and WRI's Buyer's Principles
    • Presence of a Chief Sustainability Officer

    Companies must meet at least two of the tracked criteria, and meet minimum score thresholds, to be eligible for inclusion in the rankings. Companies must also be U.S.-listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX exchange with a market cap of at least $1 billion.

    The list excludes corporations whose primary business is the extraction and/or processing of coal or oil.

    Clean Edge plans to update the universe twice annually, in January and July.

    For indexing opportunities, please contact us.

    Licensing Opportunities:

    BNP Paribas has licensed the universe for structured notes and market-linked CDs. (The Corporate Clean Energy Leaders universe is not sponsored, structured, endorsed, promoted, or published by BNP Paribas or any of its affiliates.) To learn more about other licensing opportunities, please contact us.


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