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ZAP Now Offering Plug-in Hybrid Conversion Systems for Toyota Prius and Ford Escape

Electric car pioneer ZAP is now offering plug-in hybrid conversion
systems for the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape Hybrid through a
collaboration agreement with Hybrids Plus.

All gasoline electric hybrids currently produced by major automakers
today are essentially gasoline-powered vehicles. They reduce
emissions and improve fuel efficiency compared to conventional cars,
however they are fueled exclusively by gasoline. The plug-in hybrid
electric vehicle (PHEV) will allow the owner to charge their vehicle
from a normal household wall outlet. By integrating a larger battery
pack and a plug-in charging system, it becomes a new vehicle drawing
energy from two fuel sources.

Hybrids Plus has sold PHEV systems to private individuals, fleets,
power companies, and governmental entities. Deliveries can be
provided in approximately four weeks from the initial order.

\"This is a natural extension of our growth plans,\" said Hybrids Plus
CEO Carl Lawrence. \"ZAP has sold more city speed electric vehicles
than any other company and has an established, growing dealer
network that can provide sales and service for our vehicles.\"

\"This collaboration allows more hybrid owners to have the most
efficient vehicles on the road today,\" said ZAP CEO Steve
Schneider. \"ZAP dealers are preparing to offer a new level of
service in the coming years involving mass-market hybrid and
electric cars from Detroit Electric, so experience with plug-in
hybrids can accelerate this process.\"

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