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GE Invests in Electric Vehicle Producer Think and Battery Manufacturer A123Systems to Commercialize Electric Car

GE recently announced it is ramping up its efforts to enable global
electrification of transportation by investing in Norwegian electric
car manufacturer Think, which unveiled a five-seat crossover concept
car in Geneva. To power its vehicles, Think has signed a commercial
supply agreement with lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123Systems.
GE is in a unique position to help both companies commercialize
technology to make electric transportation practical and affordable.

Think presented its investment relationship with GE in Geneva at the
78th International Motor Show, where it unveiled a new platform
concept for larger electric vehicles: The crossover TH!NK Ox is an
electric five-seat car close to the size of a sport utility vehicle
but lighter and more aerodynamic. Also in Geneva, the company
launched to the market the TH!NK City, a plug-in electric car with
over 100 miles range.

GE announced its electric transportation investments at the
Washington International Renewable Energy Conference. The commercial
supply agreement with A123Systems provides Think with patented

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