Carbon Capture and Storage Projects Mapped Worldwide

Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS) has  relaunched a key resource for anyone with an interest in CCS projects.

This interactive “world of CCS”, which can be accessed quickly and easily, has been extensively updated while retaining most of its original useful features. These include:

  • Information on over 200 CCS projects, ranging from small to large scale and across the CCS chain
  • Display buttons allowing the user to “filter” information in the viewing window
  • At-a-glance information including, for example, the project’s developer, current status (e.g. planned, being built, operating) capture method, and planned volume of CO₂ storage
  • A deeper level of information providing project data, useful links and news updates

The Global CCS Map seeks to provide an accurate and trustworthy source of information on projects that support the development of the full CCS chain, so facilities capturing CO₂ for more traditional uses – such as for the food and drink industry – are generally not included. Projects that have been cancelled several years ago with little likelihood of revival have been weeded out, although those of historical interest have been retained.

Dr Peter Brownsort, SCCS Scientific Research Officer, said: “After extensive research, verification and updating, our interactive map is one of the most up-to-date sources of information on CCS projects worldwide. Where possible, the data has been checked at a number of sources and project locations have been pinned down. Where we cannot find any reliable data we make this clear, and we also encourage project operators to come to us with information to add.

“As far as possible we are free from any regional bias, with a consistent depth of project coverage across continents. However, the end user will be the final judge, so we’d really like to know if people find the map a useful and easy-to-use resource.”

The database underpinning the map is available under a 12-month licence from Edinburgh Research and Innovation, which promotes commercialisation of research and expertise from the University of Edinburgh.

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